brand overview

RovaTova is a brand that provides homemade and handmade fun foods. It is all about making food that makes people happy like chocolates, ice creams, etc.

services we

  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • Social Media
  • Visual Language


To make sure that the identity reflects the very essence of the brand in a combination of looking classic yet contemporary. It was very difficult to create a unique autumn-themed brand as it is a widely used concept in various verticals


After various rounds of brainstorming, we created something that was familiar and warm yet unique. A custom typeface combined with a familiar coffee-cup icon that establishes itself as a cafe as well as a warm and welcoming place for people to hang out.
Beepz experience & interface design for a car selling app
Minimal visual identity with a tinge of contemporary all around it.
Beepz experience & interface design for a car selling app
A colour that belongs to everyone, a brand that is for everyone

divya vora

owner of rovatova

I couldn’t have found anybody better than Studuo to help me give an identity to my business. They correctly understood my vision for the brand and did a fantastic job at it! They took the project personally as if it was their own and did something great!

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